Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
How can I book a flight with American Airlines?
Call reservations # (800) 433-7300, book online at www.aa.com or contact your local travel agent.

What size carry on can a passenger take and how many?
You are allowed one carry-on and one personal items such as a purse, briefcase, laptop or diaper bag (backpacks county as a carry-on). Size is up to 51 inches or 126 cm (11" x 14" x 26" or 28 x 35 x 66 cm)

How many bags can I check in?
Two bags under 50 lbs each. Fees that vary by airline will apply.

How much in advance do I need to come to check in?
Be here no later than 90 minutes prior to check-in.

What form of I.D. do I need?
State I.D. or passport is needed.

What if I don’t get my luggage?
Talk to your airline's ticket counter. They will help you to locate your luggage.

Can I take alcohol on the airplane?
No more than 70% alcohol and no more than 5 liters. It must be in checked baggage only.

Can I take produce on the airplane?
All produce must be frozen.

Baby strollers and/or car seat
These items can be gate checked.

-You may only take a cat or dog that fit in a small carrier under your seat. No other animals allowed. They must have a cabin pet reservation that is paid in advance.
-Police Dogs, Military Dogs and Seeing Eye Dogs do not need a carrier. There is an extra charge for the animal.
-It is always a good idea to take some extra food in case there is a longer than expected layover.

-Do I just show up or do I call first?
Call first if you need special accommodations.
-Can someone meet me on the curb with an airline wheelchair?
Have the person dropping you off come in with you. You can then get in an airline wheelchair.

-I heard at the Yuma Airport you walk out to the plane then up steps. How do I get on the plane?
They have a ramp also known as Air Stairs.
Can I take food or drinks on the airplane?
All food must go through the x-ray machine and must be wrapped or in a container. Unpeeled natural foods are okay but half eaten fruits must be wrapped. No beverages are allowed through.

Can I take my baby's formula and food?
When traveling with your infant or toddler, greater than 3 ounces of baby formula, breast milk or juice are permitted through the security point in reasonable quantities for the duration of your itinerary if you perform the following:

1. Separate these from liquids, gels and aerosols in your quart size and ziptop bag.
2. Declare you have the items to security officers at the check point.
3. Present these items for additional inspections once reaching the x-ray.

Can I take medication with me?
Prescription medication is okay. If in liquid form over 3 oz. must be prescribed by a Doctor.

Can I take personal needs (shampoo, deodorant. etc.)?
-If you have a carry-on you are allowed to have ONE quart-size clear plastic zip-top bag holding 3 oz. or smaller containers. You can have as many as the baggie will hold. It must zip and not tear.
-In checked bags the size of the container does not matter.

Can I take my lighter or matches?
You can take two Bic lighters or four books of matches. NO TORCH LIGHTERS

Can I carry a pocket knife?
No, pocket knives or any other knives are allowed on the plane.

How can I contact TSA?
To contact TSA, call 928-210-1216 or visit their website at https://www.tsa.gov/travel

Does the X-ray machine affect my computer or my digital camera?
No it does not.

Do I have to take off my shoes?
When going through security all passengers must remove their shoes.

I have an artificial leg, how will I be treated at the checkpoint?
Advise TSA before proceeding to the walk through.

How do I precede through screening if I have a pacemaker?
Notify TSA prior to the walk through.

Can I take tools on a plane?
You may not have them in your carry-on bag. No flammables (oil, grease, etc.) Keep in mind the weight guidelines for checked baggage.

Can I take candles in my carry on?
Solid candles are okay. Gel candles can not be in your carry-on.

Can I take a shaving razor in my carry on?
Yes razors are allowed on the plane. It may not be a straight razor. Electric razors are also fine.

Can I take raw meat on the plane?
Raw meat must be frozen.

Where should I place my valuables such as jewelry, cash, etc.?
You should keep your valuables in your carry-on.

Can I lock my baggage?
If you choose to lock your baggage use a TSA recognized lock. They have a universal master that can be opened by the security officer so that the locks may not have to be cut.

Can I take a wrapped gift in my baggage?
No you may not. Wrap on arrival or ship your gifts prior to your departure. TSA may have to unwrap packages for security reasons.

Federal regulations require that firearms in checked baggage or in their own shipping case be unloaded and declared. Firearms are not allowed in carry-on bags. Firearms in checked baggage must be packed in a locked hard-sided bag or gun case. A maximum of 11 lbs. of small arms ammunition is allowed in checked luggage in the original manufacturer's box or securely packed in a fiber, wood, or metal box to prevent movement of cartridges.

Transport of Cremated Remains
TSA recommends that passengers transport remains in temporary or permanent 'security friendly' containers constructed of light-weight materials such as plastic or wood. Temporary containers are typically available from funeral homes and offer a security friendly means to travel by air with a crematory container. Once the passenger completes their travel, they can visit their local TSA's funeral home partner who will transfer the remains from the temporary container to the permanent container free of charge. The complimentary "Remains Transfer Service" has been embraced by the funeral industry and already many funeral homes have requested to become partners in this important customer service effort.
What are the terminal hours of operation?
Open 7 days a week, Terminal opens at 4:30 AM and closes at 11:00 PM (subject to change)

Where is the lost and found?
Lost and found is in the airport Operations Office located on the first floor.

Do you have a flight school?
Not at this time.

Can I bring a dog in the terminal?

Can I park a motor home in the parking lot?
Maybe. We have only two RV spaces and they are not huge. The same fees apply.

How can I find out if there are flight delays?
You can visit the airline's website at www.aa.com.

Can I leave my bicycle at the airport?
Yes, bicycle racks are provided.

Where can I smoke inside of the airport?
State Law prohibits smoking in the facility. We have designated smoking areas outside the terminal.

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