DRAFT Meeting Minutes for:
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
Yuma International Airport, Conference Room
Friday, July 31, 2020 at 12:03 PM

    Call to Order:
    The Yuma County Airport Authority, Inc. (YCAA) Strategic Planning Committee Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order at 12:03PM on July 31, 2020 in the Yuma International Airport Conference Room, 2191 E. 32nd Street, Suite 218, Yuma, Arizona 85365. The Presiding officer was Russell Jones, Chairman.

    Russel Jones, Chairman & YCAA Secretary
    Dean Hager, 1st Vice President
    Jenny Torres, City of San Luis

    Albert Gardner, Director

    Gladys Brown, Airport Director
    Gerald Hinkle, Jr., Chief Financial Officer
    Andrea Lopez, Executive Assistant
    Ken Scott, ASN Volunteer

    There were no Public Comments.


    1) Update of the Proposed FY21 Budget for the Yuma County Airport Authority.

    Ms. Brown, Airport Director, gave the committee an update on status of the proposed budget recommended for adoption by the Finance Committee at their July 30, 2020 meeting. The Proposed FY21 Budget was formulated based on a combination of historical performance, trending and fiscal considerations in light of the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, intended to provide resources necessary to achieve the objectives of the Authority. Presented were variations of the proposed budget provided to the finance committee for consideration prior to the recommendation to the Board which included possible future abatements as well as no federal assistance through the CARES Act. It was explained that reimbursements provided through the CASRES Act will assist with the lack of revenue and also provide relief into FY22 due to the COVID pandemic.

    2) Discussion on the current key strategies and business plan to accommodate future growth and the forming of partnerships at the Airport.

    Ms. Brown, Airport Director, briefed the Committee on the following current YCAA Key Strategies:

    1. Expand aviation related business (MCAS, general aviation, government, etc.), maintaining full service fixed base operators, and air freight business opportunities by partnering with existing businesses or attracting new businesses.
    2. Stay abreast of community growth and needs by partnering and/or leading with our community for economic development.
    3. Market the airport throughout the local and surrounding communities to promote air service, availability of aviation facilities, encourage general aviation, and capabilities for future expansion opportunities.
    4. Promote international airport status and seek International flights.

    Ms. Brown explained the organization’s key strategies provides focus and direction necessary to accomplish its goals. Ms. Brown asked committee members for input into each of the strategies to better assist the staff with setting goals for the YCAA or additional opportunities not considered. Discussion within the committee took place ranging from the potential of a maintenance business tied into the educational system with the JTED program to understanding the business demands and community needs to help stimulate the economy. During a discussion of the elements contained within the key strategies, the Committee suggested that the entire Board of Directors be asked to provide insight as to a possible update with the results to be considered during a future meeting.

    3) Presentation and update regarding current construction projects, associated contracts, grant status, general aviation, marketing efforts, terminal improvements, aviation conferences, meetings and items of interest with the city and county or other federal or state agencies. This will include, but is not limited to, additional information, FAA and ADOT grant updates, an overview of projects underway, airport operations, Rolle Airfield, airline recruitment and retention efforts, general aviation, future events, and other Airport business.

    Ms. Brown, Airport Director, provided a presentation and updates on the NYL Master Plan, Airport Parking Lot, MCAS Yuma new Commanding Officer COL Chuck “Dude” Dudik, the issues with the Pilot Control Lights (PCL) not operational these past months, upcoming WTI course on track to take place as in previous years, update on DBIDS, Baggage Belt Carousel replacement, Rent Cars and Airport Terminal repairs.

    With respect to the Master Plan, the committee was provided the estimated times where the PAC meetings and Open House meetings were to take place. The YCAA anticipated the first PAC and Open Houses to meet in early September 2020. The consultant is ensuring all necessary entities who can add value, input of information are invited to the PAC meetings with the understanding of the COVID discretion and how to complete these meetings.

    In discussion, the issue was DBIDS was revisited and the YCAA will need to provide additional information to include each person would have to be vetted in person with MCAS Yuma Pass and ID.

    Mr. Brown provided details regarding all the projects throughout the terminal which could possible impact operations at the airport, and the approach on how the staff will handle them.

    There were no Public Comments.

    There being no further business before the Committee the meeting adjourned at 1:27PM.

    Russell Jones
    Secretary Yuma County Airport Authority; Strategic Planning Committee Chairman

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